Sense of Solutions (S.O.S. Colorado)

The Seeds of Change Foundation proudly introduces "Sense of Solutions" designed to bring the Holcim award-winning sustainable designs and educational platforms such as those utilized by our overseas flagship projects Lali Gurans and PRASAD to local communities in the Foundation's home state of Colorado. Adapting these designs for use by our local communities in Colorado, Sense of Solutions will utilize proprietary self-sustaining systems and new remote-access educational prototypes to bring clean resources and modern curricula to urban areas in need of rehabilitation, and to the most isolated regions of the state.

As we believe education and sustainability are the two most important keys to reforming communities in need, Sense of Solutions is currently focused on a groundbreaking affordable water filtration prototype that can be used anywhere by anyone in order to clean water in a short amount of time. Additionally, the Foundation has developed a new solar-powered, low-cost, user-friendly educational device which will allow remote areas of the state to access to countless books, learning materials, and software without the need of the internet, reception, or a power supply.

The eventual goal of Sense of Solutions will be to spread not only throughout the state, but throughout the nation, eventually blending with our international initiatives to help consolidate and strengthen our global community. 

For more information about Sense of Solutions, contact us here, or visit or events page to learn about upcoming fundraisers focused exclusively on local Colorado projects and prototypes. If you would like to donate to Sense of Solutions or the Seeds of Change Foundation, please click here.