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  1. Mid-Day News Online, May 31, 2015: Incomplete Orphanage Provides Shelter to 30 Nepal Earthquake Victims
  2. Crowdfunders Magazine, May 7, 2015: Sparking Social Change With Sustainable Growth and Education
  3. Holcim Foundation Organization, April, 28, 2015: Lali Gurans Project Updates
  4. Arch Daily Architecture News, December 8, 2013: MOS Architects Take on Humanitarian Design in Nepal
  5. Australian Design Review, November 1, 2013: Reframing Concrete in Nepal


  • 2013 American Institute of Architects Award for Design and Sustainability - Lali Gurans Orphanage and Library
  • 2014 Holcim Foundation Regional Awards, Silver Award, Asia Pacific Region - Lali Gurans Orphanage and Library
  • 2015 Holcim Foundation Global Awards, Nominated, Top Global 15 projects - Lali Gurans Orphanage and Library



Children should be seen as a truly renewable resource for the future of our planet. We as humans should have a sense of reverence for Earth. Very few things are impossible if we work together to find solutions.  Only by working together will these problems cease to exist.

-Christopher Gish, President and Founder

We are all undeniably bonded by a global community. I look to the forest, and think of how when any one part of a tree starts to die, the entire tree is put at risk; the whole forest is affected. Likewise, if humanity neglects its common roots-- the very nature of our social connectivity-- we jeopardize our world. However, by nurturing all branches of our international family, we all share from that strength. We all grow stronger by nature. We are all in this together; and together, we can plant the seeds of change.

-Peter Kitzes, Executive Director

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