The PRASAD project is a collaborative street art project developed to empower the struggling youth of Nepal. Meaning “sweet offering,” PRASAD supports local movements  to inspire social change in areas of dire need. Various art forms will be used to transform impoverished areas of the country with murals and portraits of famous Nepali individuals. It is the project’s hope to inspire the young and disenfranchised of Nepal, most still subject to an archaic caste system, into learning they can still make a difference in their otherwise paralyzed nation.  

Currently, more than 15 portraits of native “heroes” have been incorporated into the movement. These works include portrayals of the first Nepali woman to climb Mount Everest, famous poets and singers who inspired the breaking down of social barriers, and various comedians who eased dangerous tensions during a recent civil war. By publicly displaying these proud faces, PRASAD believes the children of Nepal will be inspired to succeed, in spite of their backgrounds, in pursuing their dreams and create real change for the betterment of the country.


Thus far The Seeds of Change Foundation has funded the start-up of this project and assisted with its application and inspiration.  Seeds of Change has held several fundraisers with great success. The project is now launching phase two.  Nepal, a country with no government-sponsored waste collection and no trash cans, is suffering from an ever increasing problem with waste build up. Trash is often openly dumped and burned causing serious health issues and damage to the community. PRASAD, in response to this dire issue, is working with the Nepali youth, building and creatively decorating trash cans made of local bamboo, and in organizing regular trash pick-ups. The program, once established, will assist in the transportation of waste to smaller dump sites for the local municipalities to handle.  Additionally, PRASAD will aid in opportunities for local children to paint their streets in bright and vibrant colors. By educating and inspiring Nepalese youth in the importance of such systems, PRASAD will help to not only beautify Nepal, but to help keep it clean and safe for future generations.

To this end, The Seeds of Change Foundation is creating crowd-funding campaigns to help PRASAD ascend to this next stage of development.  By raising these funds, we will help add self-sustainability to their project. Funds will first assist in the creation of a line of clothing and stickers sold locally and internationally for continued project income.  Finally, areas of land will be purchased where waste can be transported and stored. Non bio-degradable waste will be separated, and bio-degradable products will be recycled into fertilizer and bio-fuels. This will further creating revenue for PRASAD and in making real change for Nepal.


The famous Nepalese poet and civil rights activist Laxmi Prasad Devkota, in his beloved poem MunaMudan, writes “it’s not your family name that makes you who you are, it is what is in your heart that makes you who you are”. This is the essence of the PRASAD project. 

Led by ArtLab, a growing collective of talented Nepali artists, PRASAD provides the opportunity for local children to interact and learn from international artists.  Empowering the youth of Nepal with education and “street art” techniques, PRASAD believes in the power of one artist's ability to visualize a change and give progress a voice.  By supplying the materials and guidance to create and explore, PRASAD believes future generations can be inspired to promote the vision of a beautiful tomorrow, continuing the work of the current artists and their phenomenal contributions.

For more information about how you can give, volunteer, or help make a difference to the mission of PRASAD, please contact us at or click here to donate today.


Photography Credits: E. Vaudel and P. Gaudin