Our Mission

The Seeds of Change Foundation's mission is to spark social change in developing and struggling communities through regenerative design, educational development, and environmental reform. 


  • Rehabilitating abused and neglected children with safe shelter, support systems, and creative educational resources. Seeds of Change believes all children are our single greatest resource for fostering a happy, healthy, united community. In as much, the Foundation seeks to inspire children to pursue their dreams through a loving family environment.
  • Sparking social change and economic growth through the promotion of educational development in third-world nations struggling with limited or outdated educational resources. The Seeds of Change Foundation will continuously work to enrich societies through ongoing outreach programs designed to empower disenfranchised and impoverished communities.
  • Promoting proper physical and mental healthcare to ensure the happiness and prosperity of children, communities, and societies currently lacking modern medical resources. Seeds of Change is especially dedicated to our local Colorado community. However, we work in all areas of the world struggling with constant pollution, war, corruption, famine, drought and disease.
  • Utilizing modern environmentally friendly technologies to revitalize threatened local environments and natural resources. By promoting easily affordable, accessible, eco-friendly technologies, Seeds of Change is determined to help struggling communities produce all of a community's food, water, fuel, and electricity needs locally and independently. This will foster healthier lives and economic growth for local children, families, and businesses.
  • Raising awareness for developing societies to afford them every opportunity to gain strong footing in both local and global economies. Seeds of Change works only with socially-responsible partners and programs to ensure the understanding that all people are equally important members of our shared global community.
  • Enforcing absolute operational transparency, ethical program management, as well as social and environmental consciousness. Seeds of Change seeks to enable social and systematic change through the open-source sharing of all our programs and technologies upon their completion and implementation.