Our first and foremost concern is for the innocent families and children of Nepal. Our hearts go out to them as they struggle every day to comprehend and overcome an ongoing tragedy. By standing together, we can offer more than just our hearts, and give a helping hand, and the hope for a brighter tomorrow. To this end, Seeds of Change immediately raised over 5,000 dollars to construct local shelters, bring dependable light sources, provide clean water and UV purification supplies, and build disease prevention tools including over 400 composting toilets. Seeds of Change is also helping to build community kitchens and maintain the flow of safe, healthy, nutritional food to the Nepali people in need.  Although primarily focused on Bhode and Dhading Camps (two of the hardest hit areas), Seeds of Change has also used our heavy machinery and incredible local Nepali construction crew to unblock roads across the nation, aiding in the flow of emergency services and rescue attempts.

Sustainable Solutions for A Brighter Tomorrow

While bringing relief is essential, sustainable solutions are even more important. The issues caused by these earthquakes are long-lasting problems in need of long-term solutions. To this end, the Seeds of Change Foundation is currently constructing modular Earth bag homes for the now homeless families and children of Nepal. Seismic-resistant and self-sustaining, each home, although meant to be a temporary shelter for the Nepali during the rebuilding efforts, will in fact be long lasting, and can be used over the course of years to come. This is essential as over 50 percent of building stock in affected areas has been destroyed or rendered inoperable.

As Seeds of Change was already working in Nepal to build seismic-resistant sustainable designs in anticipation for these tragedies, the Foundation has built personal connections with local suppliers and providers.  Because of this, we are uniquely poised to bring additional aid directly to the Nepali people (without any administration or middle management fees) in a time when most foreign aid has not been distributed. As well,  Lali Gurans, our seismic-resistant orphanage stands completely unharmed between two of the biggest communities affected by the earthquakes. In as much, Lali Gurans has already been converted to a shelter for children and families in need, and hopefully will serve as a beacon for future sustainable and successful construction in the area.


Seeds of Change is committed to bringing the ideas and systems implemented in Nepal back to the States and other areas of the world in need. We are currently designing local Colorado programs for sustainable housing, regenerative farming, and water filtration, as well as programs for Native American reservations and areas of extreme poverty and pollution. For more information, contact us by clicking here.


Thanks to the contributions of donors like you, our Foundation is proud to report that we have raised over 10,000 dollars towards immediate relief aid, as well as longer-term sustainable development and seismic-resistant technologies to assist in rebuilding Nepal. More importantly, these funds and programs will work diligently to help ensure such tragedies do not happen to the same extent, and with the same tremendously devastating consequences again.


Emergency Relief Project Special thanks 

We are indebted to our partners at Prakriti Ko Ghar Nepal, as well to the amazing works of local project developer Sandesh Poudel and his amazing Nepali based crew. 

We are also especially dedicated to the incredible fundraising efforts of Cherry Creek High School and Dynamic Solutions International. Their help and contributions have been incredible, invaluable, and truly inspirational.