Believing in the power to change the world through promoting sustainability and education, the Seeds of Change Foundation has created Lali Gurans: the world’s first self-sustaining seismic resistant orphanage and library. A fully independent facility, Lali Gurans utilizes eco-friendly systems such as vertical gardens, grey water recycling, rainwater harvesting, solar panels, and bio-gas creation, to sustain the rent-free housing of dozens of children at a time.  Taking the shape of a modern day ziggurat, Lali Gurans seeks to bridge the gap between outdated designs and innovative developmental technologies.


The flagship version of the Lali Gurans project was conceived to address the ever-growing number of orphans created by recent civil war, political instability, and government corruption in Nepal. Currently ravished by environmental and social chaos, the nation of Nepal is currently ill-equipped to deal with the needs of at-risk youth.  While orphanages do currently exist in Nepal, children often receive sub-par care, are neglected, and are allegedly used to line the pockets of fraudulent managers. As well, children rarely find homes due to adoption bans, and endless political and bureaucratic issues resulting from ongoing internal conflict. As a result, a terrible stigma regarding childcare programs has developed, leaving millions homeless, and in turn further crippling social progress for the Nepali people.

Lali Gurans Library (Illustration Courtesy of MOS Architects, NY)

Lali Gurans Library (Illustration Courtesy of MOS Architects, NY)

As well, educational programs in Nepal are severally outdated. Most syllabi have not been updated in over a decade, and educational resources are scarce. With no real access to public library materials, the availability of higher education is unfortunately lacking. As a result, little social change is possible, and entire Nepali populations are voiceless and disenfranchised.

Lali Gurans Orphanage (Illustration Courtesy of MOS Architects, NY)

Lali Gurans Orphanage (Illustration Courtesy of MOS Architects, NY)

The Seeds of Change Foundation and its partners seek to combat these problems through modeling successful innovative programs. Using updated curricula and operational plans, superior healthcare programs, and environmentally friendly sustainable systems, Lali Gurans will work with local communities to renew faith in the power and potential of appropriate childcare programs. As well, by fostering a loving family atmosphere for these forgotten orphans, Lali Gurans will nurture these children into fully-functioning, well-adjusted members of society and the international community. By providing these children a real home today, we hope to inspire struggling communities towards achieving a brighter tomorrow.

Ensuring a Better Tomorrow For All Communities

Though our flagship project is in Nepal, it is the eventual goal of the Seeds of Change Foundation to create similar ziggurats and systems across the world. Through sustainable design and educational reform, we intend to use Lali Gurans a seed project for global change abroad and at home here in Colorado.

To ensure the success of this vision, the Lali Gurans library will provide boundless educational resources for the local communities served by each project. For the first time, these materials will be made affordable and accessible to the general public. Supplementing our orphans’ in-house education, Lali Gurans’ resources will also be utilized to offer online degree programs to foster educational and economic growth. The Seeds of Change Foundation has been wildly successful in achieving local support towards the Nepali project, facilitating local and international cooperation towards development. As well, Seeds of Change has gained many interested partners looking to help us create similar projects elsewhere in the world, as well as in the Foundation's home state of Colorado. 

Seeds of Change seeks to partner with organizations sharing in the vision of sparking social change through the promotion of sustainability and education.


Upon completion of Lali Gurans, Seeds of Change will make all building systems, technologies, and operational plans open source.  By providing these resources and social services, it is our hope to inspire the rehabilitation of currently failing childcare programs, and to enrich the lives of the all people in need. 

Conceived by Christopher Gish, founder of the Seeds of Change Foundation, Lali Gurans has manifested from dream to reality thanks to the full support of the team at MOS Architecture (New York City, USA), as well as the local non-profit that is implementing the project, PrakritiKoGhar (Nepal). 

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