Help Us Plant the Seeds of Change

The Seeds of Change Foundation proudly collaborates with qualified, passionate, caring individuals or organizations dedicated to realizing the dream of local and global sustainability and education.  While donations are appreciated and invaluable, equally important are volunteers willing to share their time and skills to enrich the lives of families and children in need. 


Seeds of Change is especially dedicated to recruiting:

  • Operational Managers
  • Health and Childcare Professionals
  • Experienced Teachers or Teaching Aides
  • Environmental Impact Specialists
  • Engineers with Innovative Ideas in Self-Sustainable Environmentally Friendly Development
  • Multimedia Project Designers
  • Artists to Teach and Inspire Children
  • Any Volunteers Dedicated to the Seeds of Change's Mission to Empower Children

However, we'd love to talk with you no matter your background and skill set. It only takes one person to make a difference. With your help, Seeds of Change will provide a brighter future for these wonderful children and communities. 

To be a part of the Seeds of Change Foundation's Volunteer Team, please download the file by clicking the big red button. 

Submit your application to



For more information on how you can help Seeds of Change, to suggest open-source technologies and programs, to nominate local areas in Colorado that need our help, or areas around the world that might benefit from our support, please contact us either by email at or by letter to The Seeds of Change Foundation, P.O. Box 103051, Denver, CO 80250

If you would prefer to make a financial contribution towards the Seeds of Change Foundation, please click the big red button on the bottom of any page or click here to make a donation today.