To the Children of Nepal

To the Children-

In making this new building for you and in everything I do, know all of this is for you. I hope that you will realize the ability that you have in yourself.  I can see great things waiting for all of you. Many people-- an insurmountable list of people-- have accomplished amazing feats during their lives, things people say are impossible even today; yet they did it:  climbing the tallest mountain, walking on water, healing millions of people, building impossible things. Human beings are capable of accomplishing anything.

More than anything else that comes of this new building, I hope to show you and empower you to shoot for the stars during your life, to pay it forward.  In truth, it should be more common for people to do big things in this world.  Everyone has the same capability, even if they don’t start with the same advantages. Most people just don’t dream big enough. Dream big, and believe in your dream.  This is the simple trick.  The biggest limitation that holds us back from greatness is ourselves; our fears, our doubts, our disappointment. Let go of these things, and believe in something beautiful. The world will literally open for you.

I will sell everything that I possess to build this new home for you. I will do everything in my power to make my dream come true for you. All I ask in return is to empower you, open your minds to possibilities, and to do what you can to bring human beings to a higher level of living.  You are the future. You can succeed where others have failed. 

People need to be shown how to produce for themselves. When governments fall apart and natural disasters persist, people need to be shown the way back to build again.  They will need to be reminded how to create food, water, and shelter for themselves.  I am creating this building so that you become experienced in these invaluable skills and be able to teach it to others like you in need.

We all have the same ability and power; you just need to know how to use it.   When people don’t know how to use it, they just hurt themselves in a destructive path of fear and disappointment. They know only a temporary happiness that will not last.  I hope I can show you how to find happiness that doesn’t disappear, but stays with you because it becomes a part of you.

I am not special. Truly, I am not. I am probably more flawed than most people. I have been beaten to a pulp, to a point where doctors said I could never live a normal life. Yet I am doing and seeing more than the average person.  I don’t have a higher education. I don’t come from a wealthy family. Everything I have, I have discovered on my own.  I will show you what one person can accomplish when he or she believes in themselves. 

Listen not to the negative people. Listen to what the world tells you can be, and what you know is right.  It will never lead you astray. I didn’t realize this potential until I reached death and had to fight my way back.  Then, when I saw what I was capable of, I knew what I had to do. Through tragedy I found purpose, and this purpose brought me to you.  Like a lotus flower born from the muddy water, my dreams and your dreams can and will endure and blossom. I will not leave you until I accomplish my goal.  You can help me remind the world of what beauty is.

Trying to change the whole world is impossible, but focusing on changing the world around you is something any one person can do if they believe.  In that simple way, you will have an impact on the world.  Only once you change yourself will changing the world be more possible.  Open your minds and go after something pure. Life is fragile. Don’t waste it, cherish it and seek the opportunity to create great things for the world. You can make a difference.

May the stars shine down on you and to thine own heart be true.



Christopher Gish

President and Founder

The Seeds of Change Foundation